What is recycling?

Recycling is the reuse of what we consider waste. The discard of many materials can be used as raw material, which makes the product recyclable.
It may be that the material is recycled and come back to the same product with the same utility, but can also happen to become another material with different utility.
There are several materials that can be recycled, such as plastic, glass, paper and aluminum.
The idea of recycling provides good rewards for the whole society. Since workers who exercise their function collecting recyclable through the streets, through performing selective collection to reach the environment.
The Selective Collection
Selective collection is intended to separate the garbage we discard what can be recycled.
In general, it is necessary to separate each material at a different location, aluminum foil, cardboard with cardboard and so forth. But in the case of considering a lot of work, separate wet waste (organic) the rest will already be of great service.
The Colors of deposits for Recycling
The most commonly used by cities are blue, red, green and yellow. But are ten different types for each type of material.
Used to identify the disposal of paper and cardboard.
Used to identify the plastic waste.
Used to identify glass disposal.
Used to identify the metal waste.
Used to identify the timber disposal.
Used to identify the disposal of hazardous waste.
Used to identify the material disposal on the health service.
Used to identify the disposal of radioactive waste.
Used to identify the disposal of organic waste.
Used to identify the disposal of non-recyclable waste.
These deposits, as well as recyclable products are identified by a symbol with three arrows clockwise concerning the recyclable product, the consumer and the industry.
Important to emphasize that disposal should be done consciously, as many of the materials can cause injury to collectors. As broken objects, sharp or blades.
Start recycling is an act that will benefit. If you really like the idea, you can see if your neighborhood already has this job and set up a business in this industry. Gains may be low, but the benefits are great in the long run.