What is it and how to make compost?

The composting process is nothing more than a natural process of transformation of organic matter into simpler compounds which may be used as plant nutrients. If you analyze a forest know that each waste, whether animal, or vegetable, to be recycled by an ecosystem as a source of nutrients for the plants, which ultimately serves as a kind of backbone of terrestrial life.
In home composting system, we will do in our house everything that nature could lead making millions of years. It is important to wait and provide the appropriate conditions to properly perform this type of process.
Who does the composting process?
Know that composting is carried out through the very microorganisms that are present in the waste under certain conditions and temperature of ideas as well as aeration and moisture. These in turn will decompose and stabilize the constituent compounds of the material, releasing it from the carbon and water vapor dioxide. On the other hand, to accelerate the process, it is possible to add even more micro organisms.
The composting process generates undesirable odors?
If the process is done correctly, it should not generate any undesirable odor, returning to the example of the forest, where we have a lot of materials in the process of decomposition, the smell is pleasant, as in the forest happens a certain decomposition in the presence of air, which is also called aerobic. In this process should only be released carbon dioxide, and water vapor, the two types of gases that are considered odorless.
From the moment that the decomposition takes place without the presence of air, called anaerobic, this situation came a putrefaction of matter, usually releasing methane and sulfate, as well as gases with unpleasant odors.
To make a home composting for example, the interesting thing is that fill the composter at once, on the other hand, most of the time you can not do this. In these situations need two composters and composting it is still a double. In one, we can direct the trash, and the other left the material to be composted.