How to separate dangerous waste to right disposal?

The hospital wastes or even the health care are provenient from the attendance to pacients or yet any type of health establishment or units that can execute activities from this nature, from the doctors attendance, as to the human beings as to the animals. This kind of waste could be found in any places, as an example, the research centers, the pharmaceuticals labs.
Those materials could present a bigger risk to the human health and the environment if tecnical procedures are not adopted, as well the management of the diverse types of waste that were generated among they we can cite the biological materials contaminated with blood, or even the patogens, as well the anatomics pieces, syringes and other type of plastic materials, further a big variety of toxics substances, inflamable or even radioactive.
The ANVISA determines national rules about the proper packing and treatment to the hospital trash that is generated, as well the destiny origin, as for example the grounding, the radiation and incineration. This kind of rule could hit all the hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, laboratories, morgues and other establishments geared to health.
The objective of this measure is to avoid the damages for the environment, and even prevent the accidents that could hit the professionals that work in direct way with the collect procedures, as well the storage, treatment and destination of all wastes.
But how should be disposed the dangerous waste?
Know that the dangerous waste, even we don’t know their correct classification, are very present in our day-to-day. Further the hospital trash cited before, the batteries, rechargable batteries, sold drugs, ink cartridges, paint cans, toners, among various other materials we make an utilization almost everyday are considered as dangerous waste.
Due to the low level of instruction and awareness of our population, the dangerous waste, diary generated in our homes are disposed in a incorrect way, putting, in this way, the life of many alive beings in danger, including the humans.
In the site of CONAMA it’s possible to to check the perfect form of how shoud be make the right disposal of dangerous waste. But yet with the law support, it’s interesting to cite that the major part of counties and the brazilian localities counts with a very low offer of places to make the right proper disposal. Further than a bigger offer of receiving points of materials, it’s important that we have a bigger participation of the public power, such in promotion of the awareness of population as the punishment that it may apply.