How to separate radioactives to the proper disposal?

The nuclear sectors deposits a big expectation in new reactors generations, which allows a meaninful shortening of half life of high quality. What is known as hibrid reactors for their capacity of, in the same time generates energy, and posteriorly, incinate the wastes that are produced, transmutaing this way many radioactives elements to reduce in a strong way theirs life cycle of life.
How to separate radioactive waste?
The act of minimazing the risks to the enviroinment it’s an obligation task to the projects through a energy generator system. Beyond all the alteration of the landscapes, their towers and propellers can cause many eletromagnetic interferences which afects the television transmission.
Against the nuclear generation for itself, although it does not cause any gas emission, and because of that does not contribute to the global warming, the management of the radioactive waste, and the safe armanezement it’s the biggest challenge faced by the nuclear industry.
The solutions may be used under measure
Known that the nuclear waste it’s divided in three classes which vary according to their emited radioactive levels. Starting from it, the first it’s of the lower activity waste, which can be comprehended by theirs utilized founts in the medicine and in the industry, as well the machines and the materials with the radioactive waste.
How used fuel must be disposed
All the high radioactivity waste existing are the elements of fuels, in photo less used to termonuclear energy. How they could be availed in the future after being reprocessed they don’t become exactly waste, but in the meantime as it does not happen the fuel elements already utilized in the generation of energy, came to be armazened in special polls, inside the security buildings of the power plants, for example.
The monitoring must be done in a permanent way, where the wastes stay at deposits inside the central nuclear areas Nuclear Almerante Álvaro Alberto, choose the local to stock in a definitive form, beside all the care in manipulation and stocking the radioactive wastes, that is a permanent watching program of the levels of radiation of air, soil and water around the CNAA which is surrounded by many universitiesm research intitutes, and internacional agencies that determines the right way to dispose the products.