How to separate paper for recycling?

If you thought it was only to play any kind of paper together and had been separated for recycling, was wrong. Each type of paper has a market value.
This is because recycling is based on the value of the chips and waste paper. In some cases, cuts may not be suitable for recycling.
There is a classification system that evaluates the best paper types and scrap to be recycled.
If it’s been selective collection of other materials, great. It will be easier to see what is important.
The classification of the paper:
Shavings or trimmings: the unused material, consists of plenty of industrial operations. Also known as pre-consumer.
waste paper or waste paper: are those that we use and discard, also known as post-consumer.
Impure: they can not be used for recycling, as well as mixed metal to paper, sand, stone, plastics, etc.
Materials prohibitive: some materials do not allow the paper to be used again, for example paper coated with synthetic tape, adhesives based resin, treated or coated with plastic, bitumen or metal, impervious to water, etc.
It is important to distinguish between the types, because the values are quite the time of purchase or sale.
Companies that recycle paper make an analysis to know what will be more productive and profitable.
The purer the material, the greater its value. Look for suitable sites and start earning money. In times of financial crisis, an extra income is always welcome.
Where is paper to profit from recycling?
Printers and publishers work with lots of paper. Most of the time, contamination of this kind is minimal and the paper is of excellent quality. If you know some already have a source.
Super and Hypermarkets, Shopping Malls and you usually trades discard large amount of cardboard that can be in optimal conditions to recycle. Look for the responsible disposal and check if you already have someone collect the material. Invest in these large shopping centers.
Schools may be another very profitable source, as students become aware.
In the rest, due to lack of information, the disposal is done improperly, which ends up contaminating the paper.
This happens due to lack of information. If you want to get into this business, you can invest in disclosure in offices, because these sites are the ones that rule the material incorrectly and aplenty.