How to separate paper for recycling? (Continuation)

The act of separating a paper for recycling is a duty for everyone, but be aware that not all papers have the same market value than recycled paper. All because recycling paper is based on the value of trimmings and paper that is used. Depending also on the type of paper, the chips may be more or less suitable for use in recycling.
In order to organize the best possible pricing of recyclable paper, know that there is a differentiated classification and that can define the different types of roles as well as their own chips for reuse.
Check below some important information to prepare the paper for recycling
Note that the fibrous materials that are recyclable used to make paper are divided into at least two groups, the chips and waste paper.
The chips are nothing more than the unused material and waste from industrial operations, and therefore, are considered pre consumption and recycling will prevent the waste of own paper industries.
Now, the papers used are waste paper, those used and then discarded, are post consumer paper system.
The papers considered impure can not be used for recycling, as in the case of papers with metal debris, rope, glass, wood, strings, stones, paper clips, plastic, among other things.
Many materials when they are found in large amounts in recycled paper also end disabling the entire recycling process and materials are prohibitive due vegetables and glassine paper, waxed paper and cardboard, among others.
It is from this data that the recycling end up separating and reusing paper for recycling, and the time to separate the role for selective collection, it is important to be aware of all the information, and to explore the full potential of recycling papers you use at home.
I tear the paper before placing it to recycle?
Only by a precaution, it is important to mention that if the roles have personal data and addresses, this information must be deleted for this reason it is so important that these papers are torn. There is a belief that crumpled papers are rendered useless for recycling, but it is a big myth.
It is estimated that in the paper recycling process, are created more jobs than the own production of paper and virgin pulp, with the collection processes, sorting, and even classification, in addition to eliminating the degrading work of scavengers in garbage dumps .