How to separate metal for recycling?

The metal for recycling, which is also known as scrap, is usually composed of parts which do not have greater utility or can not be sold, there are the remains were left for manufacturing and manufacturing processes of some metal parts. It is important to mention that the scrap is not biodegradable, however, the scrap is perfect for recycling.
The act of separating the different types of materials to achieve the best prices for more valuable pieces can make all the difference. Scraps for example, may be sold for various operation centers metal recycling, it that can be melted and still used in the manufacture of new parts. Check out some tips to learn how to separate your waste and your scrap metal.
What started separating?
Separate initially metals that are considered most harmful to nature, such as the car batteries, which are accepted by recycling centers if they are whole course.
Later, look for select car catalysts, as well as batteries, these will be accepted for recycling if they are integers.
Now try to separate ferrous metals Nonferrous
Irons, steel and other ferrous metals are considered magnetic. When using a magnet of good size, if the pieces are small enough, they should be attracted and can even be separated easily and accurately.
Now, to identify the parts that are larger ferrous, simply approach a magnet of the same and see if it sticks. Ferrous metals are considered accepted as a single item by scrap recycling centers.
The non-magnetic stainless steel and must also be separated
Stainless steel, which is fused or mixed with a chromium alloy, has a kind of dull glow, and this above all is heavier than the chrome nickel steel. It may also be slightly magnetic in some of its alloys. An important point is that if a stainless steel part has a magnetic attraction, it will need to be put together the pieces of iron together and not the other pieces of iron.
Separate also aluminum parts, know that aluminum is a lightweight metal silver color and opaque. The material that is used in the yard refrigerant and mobile cans is considered as lightweight aluminum, therefore, be sure way to remove all the plastic furniture fittings, all other types of aluminum are called heavy aluminums .