How to separate material attached to welfare service to the proper disposal?

If we take in count, that less than 40% of the brazilian cities has no right destination to their hospital trash, we would have a serious notion of the big enviromental problem we could be facing in our country. Due to all the composition, the hospital trash carry through presenting a big risk thus to public welfare as to the environment, once this waste could, including be contaminated or properly tainted, for this reason they need to receive a specific treatment before the destination.
The domestic hospital trash, which is composed of syringes, remains of medicine, bandages, diapers, gauzes, and so on, need to be properly selected, once they could be contamined and would not be disposal as the type of common trash.
The special wastes, which are composed of chemical material, as well as pharmaceutical materials and radioactive. The general wastes, in turn, are generated in administrative areas, such as scraps, packaging, food wastes, among another things.
The infeccious waste, in turn, starts from materials as, for example, gauze, materials with human blood, diagnostics waste, probes, between other materials.
Still there are some qualifications groups which are destinated to this kind of material to the environment according to their discard.
About groups 1, 2 and 3
In the group 1, for example, we can mention the radioactive materials that finish receiving the proper disposal with the regulation of your national nuclear energy commission, and being the hospitals the responsibles for the whole final destination. The pharmaceutical materials may be returned according to their manufacturers, whom are responsible for their final destination.
In the group 2 we have the most reliable severable recycling materials that may be designated to a recycling inside of the own determined hospital.
Yet in the group 3 we have the sharps materials that must be alocated inside of specifics paper boxes for this kind of end, beyond it, the other wastes must be properly alocated in white plastic bags, and properly identified with the tainted waste, and the final destruction can be as an incineration such as a special collect to landfill deposits though.
Taking note of all these important informations, according to the specific rules, all the materials that are from and features as hospital trash must be discarted and put in different bags such as said before, respecting the specifications of it’s rule.