How to separate wood for recycling?

It’s something common that the wood be disposed when it’s dirty, with some kind of wrong finishing, as the painting, for example, and sometimes covered with fungus, or even attacked for termites. The fungus that generate the wood’s rooting, are the result of permanence of itself in the sun and the rain.
The termites in turn, install themselves inside the wood, and one of the few forms to know if he is present, it’s to look for the presence of powder in the wood that is like sand.
The termite and the fungus in turn, doesn’t mean that the woods don’t value absolutely nothing, in 90% of situations, it’s worth to treat the wood as a different and special product.
How to separate the wood pieces for reutilization or for the recycling procedure?
The first step that must be done is to look for clean parts. In case of this parts are with a good finishing, clean the part with a sandpaper, for example, so the wood be shown it could be a good choice.
The verifications of the kind of wood could be done analysing their structures, for example, the hard woods counts with many sap conductors, which appears in the long trunk that when they were cut, it looks like pores, easily visible to the naked eye. Then, in the woods that are harder, could be analised their fibers, in diverse ways, as well the beams, from the inside to the outside, in a marrow direction.
These structures are present, including in the softer woods, but are less visible.
Taking advantage of the woods, it’s possible to plan a new product totally different from the original. Since pack boxes, concrete forms, many things could be created with the reutilized wood.
What is left in turn, as is considerated as non-profitable it’s forwarded to transformation in chips or even to a milling process.
The chips could be utilized as fuel, in pizzerias oven, from bakeries and other could use from the chips.
Yet the groundwood, could be sell to companies that has a production system of briquettes or even agglomerates.
The briquettes in turn are fabricated from the mixing of wooden powder, or even the sawdust as a different type of glue. After that, he’s pressed and stay as a specie of a wood log. It’s utilized in majority in ovens.