How to recycle?

Recycling is nothing more than the reuse of recyclable materials to make them useful again.
Recycling helps the environment and consequently humans in general. Preserving nature is paramount to achieve a longer human life.
Unfortunately with the evolution of man, the amount of waste produced only increased and is now to educate the evil humanity we are doing to ourselves.
Teach children
Some schools already make selective collection of materials, but overall it is still difficult to adapt all of them to this reality.
But if you start teaching their children at home will be much easier to make it an adult with this awareness.
The correct disposal
The first stage of recycling is to recognize materials that can be reused. Buy products that are made with recyclable materials is a big step.
After use, make selective collection. Keep containers for disposal in an organized manner. Separate metal, paper, glass, plastic and organic waste. This makes it easier for collectors and makes everyone learn to recycle.
Try not to mix, but if not possible, dispose of recyclables in a container and non-recyclable or organic in another.
Step by step
Identify which agency is responsible for collecting your municipality. In some cases it may happen to be the same collector. Check that it is possible to collect, sometimes can happen to separate those responsible for paper, metal, glass, etc.
Separate what is collected. It’s easier when this division is already pre-established. Always leave separated the materials of which is organic. Identify them preferentially.
If you have questions about I can go with what:

Paper: newspapers, magazines, cardboard, office sheets, letters, etc.
Glass: cups, bottles, containers, etc.
Metal: aluminum or steel cans, paper or hairpins, aluminum foil, etc.
Plastic: plastic bottles, cups, cleaning product containers, bags, pipes, etc.
Set the appropriate place to store the materials until the time of collection. Before storing, make sure the materials are clean and dry, preferably let them dry naturally. This helps to prevent the emergence of insects and pests.
If you prefer you can decrease the volume of recyclable, but this usually is only for paper, aluminum, etc. Wait for the time of collection.

Ready! Now keep the habit and is already helping to recycle.


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